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STRUCTURE RESPONSE AND DAMAGE PRODUCED BY GROUND VIBRATION FROM SURFACE MINE BLASTING D E Siskind Geophysicist MS Stagg Civil Engineer J W Kopp Mining Cleveland Ohio NOISE CON June 23 25 Estimated Sound Power Radiated by Surfaces on a Continuous Miner Tail Section Using Vibration Measurements

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Firing from power lin When firing is done from a power line an approved blasting safety switch must be used and the switch kept locked and inaccessible to anyone except the blasterThe Surface Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act was amended in and authorized the regulation of blasting operations at non coal surface mining sit Regulations were promulgated establishing air blast ground vibration and fly rock standards training examination and licensing

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Not all demolition blast s are implosions The industry often refers to them as implosions because it is a popular expression A true implosion is a case when a structure has been caused to fall inwards on itselfThe sound produced when a water droplet hits a liquid surface is caused by the vibrating movements of a small air bubble Experiment With Giant Rock Blaster

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Those on a mine site RIIBLA201A Support Surface Shotfiring Operations Vibration / Airblast / Flyrock Workshop Blasters License Continuing Education Providers Provider Course Location Contact Telephone Page 2 of 4 Explo Tech Blaster Certification Training

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Control of vibration and blast noise from surface coal mining Volume I Open file report final 1 July 28 February PROCEDURES FOR BLASTING WITHIN NYSDOT ROW the Project Blaster s restrict vibration levels at buildings

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Certification Forms Blaster Solid or Conventional surface and electrical mine inspector and surface mine safety analyst Controlled blasting is becoming the order of the day in modern blasting technology as the mining industry looks for benefits like vibration containment near sensitive structur When blasting in an opencast mining environment for instance pit wall failure can be triggered by high vibration

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Training provided for blaster result of blasting at a surface coal mine little as 2 of the legal vibration limits Thus blasting that Question Why is Blasting necessary Answer In any kind of construction quarrying or mining operation blasting is generally considered the


of Mineral Mining Surface Blaster certification examination ground vibration ground control Report flyrock incidents immediately to DMM and noteIA DEPARTMENT OF MINES MINERALS ENERGY miners A surface blaster shall always obey State and Federal Laws and manufacturer ground vibration

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Explosives and Blasting Branch The statutory responsibility of the Explosives and Blasting Branch is to maintain the safety of blasters in the Commonwealth and to protect the public from harmful effects of blasting operationsGround vibration Air blast Introduction On surface mining Mines Case of Metlaoui Mining Basin Southwestern Tunisia Monia Aloui 1 Yannick Bleuzen 2


The attached Standard Operating Procedure is the internal policy of that each application for a surface coal mining of a certified blaster199csr1 1 title 199 legislative rule department of environmental protection office of explosives and blasting series 1 surface mining blasting rule

RI Structure Response and Damage Produced by Surface Mine Blasting Office of Surface Mining

RI Structure Response and Damage Produced by Ground Vibration From Surface Mine Blasting Excerpt From Report RI RI Surface Mine Blasting Office of Surface Mining Blaster s Training Manual for Metal and Nonmetal Miners By Michael A Peltier

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Topics are presented in an applied manner and address the impact of blasting on mine design Blast Design and Assessment for Surface Mines and of vibration RULES AND REGULATIONS for obtaining and retaining a blaster s by Ground Vibration from Surface Mine Blasting concludes that damage